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  • The Sword Identity
  • Transformers
  • Baby Assassins
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  • Baby Assassins

  • The Killing Machine

  • Deadly Bet

  • Maximum Force

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  • Baby Assassins

    Baby Assassins

    Wonderful and quirky action infused drama/comedy. funny characters that gets time to build and to just hang around. Some great villains (won't say too much but damn, Masanori Mimoto is awesome!).
    The fight scene choreographed by Kensuke Sonomura (who directed and choreographed the also highly recommended Hydra (2019) is tense and exciting, opting for very close close combat. Hugo Sakamoto is a director to keep an eye on and Saori Izawa is an instant action star!
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  • The Killing Machine

    The Killing Machine

    Some movies seemingly happens upon surrealism not through conscious construct, but through limited ability in putting things together. Scenes seem to happen at random, they fade in and out. Don't build to anything, adding odd asides, mulling around...
    but instead, of what really should be the usual slog, a dream like quality is attained.

    The Killing Man is a grey barren reduction of action thriller motives. Dark rooms,pools of light,empty walls and a stair case. The horrors of exposition heavy…

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  • Dance of Death

    Dance of Death

    Dance of Death is almost non-stop acrobatic/shapes/Peking Opera fights of the early Jackie Chan/Yuen Woo-Ping variety and features one of those never ending end fights, which is a great thing to behold. Starts of a bit shaky but fights get progressively better throughout. Angela Mao is AWESOME! (duh!) Highly recommended!

  • Deadly Bet

    Deadly Bet

    PM-entertainment movies at their best are not just flipping cars engulfed in a sea of fire and OTT action cinema refinement, they also touch upon/expose a glimpse into a seedy, soiled world where everything and everyone is for sale, dirt cheap.
    Deadly Bet is a great early example where these themes takes precedence. This noir tinged kickboxing-tournament-drama-character-piece seems to suggest the only way to get out from this Las Vegas fever American dream is to afford to buy another illusion,…