The Truth About Charlie ★★★

This is my least favorite film of Jon Demme so far. 

Thandie is really charming in this, there are some really really nice close ups, but the twist and turns happen too often and Demme seems less interested in the plot than he is in filming people doing things. 

This reminds me a lot of The Bourne Identity in style: Shaky Camera, Foreign Location, and similar color grading. There are a lot of interesting cinematography choices in this. 

(Agnés Varda Cameo) 

I think Jonathan Demme really has an affinity for Hip Hop music, it seems to be in every one of his films. He also has a decent amount of diversity in every film, it’s really surprising.

I’m really liking his style, it reminds me a bit of Steven Soderberg (I knew of Steven before Demme so, it should be flipped)

Also Marky Mark is in full effect this film, wearing a Beret almost the entire movie.