Us ★★★★★

In case no one can tell, I love this film. 

The itsy bitsy spider is genius. 

Adalaide sees a spider in the house. 
Kitty says she had an “itsy bitsy thing done.” 
And then Red comes home whistling the song. 

Also on the beach, the thing Adelaide notices

2 (possibly identical) women being seperated. 
A flock of all identical birds (peele made Lupita watch the birds)
Someone bursting up from being buring (I literally just figured out the meaning of this shot as I typed it)
and then the frisbee landing perfectly in a circle. 

then the twins at the beach and them doing the “jinx” thing

Oh and the 11:11 thing. 

She sees the man that she saw as a little girl with the Jeremiah 11:11 sign. 
For the sports game Gabe is watching the score is 11-11
Jason points out 11:11 on the clock. 

This time, the 4th time, I cried when Red shows up at the house. Like that whole monologue and the way everyone acts in that scene is so different to me know knowing what I know. 

Everytime I watch this something changes and it’s never the same experience that I had before. I applaud Peele on that. 

This is a fascinating film, that unexpectedly became one of my favorites.

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