It ★★★★★

Until today i had never walked out of the cinema after seeing a horror film actually smiling and feeling happy, the emotions i felt during the end credits are ones which i would never associate with a horror film. The relationship between the children on screen and their performances filled me with such joy i would even say this film is somewhat wholesome rather than terrifying. 

I went into the film completely open mined and excited having not seen the original IT (which i will watch), i didn't expect the film to scare me and it didn't. However, unlike other horrors i've seen in the past where i've been disappointed with the lack of scares this did not phase me at all. I was so wrapped up in the story of their own personal fears and their friendship this film to me wasn't about the auidence being scared it was about how those children overcame their own fears and bonded in spite of them to support one another. 

Moreover this film really is so entertaining, often by 2 hours into a film i start to drift a little but when this film ended i needed MORE i did not want it to end. So to summarise i will be talking about this film for the next few months, i cannot say a bad word about it i truly loved every single moment of it.

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