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  • We, the Normal

    We, the Normal


    there’s stan brakhage! i slur a lot. it’s because of substance abuse

  • Child Bride

    Child Bride


    the relative rarity of an exploitation film where the exotic and dangerous space is the heartland, rather than in a racially other place. and yeah interested in how indicative it is of hollywood counterparts and how this came about, one of the grimmest films ive ever seen

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  • s01e03



    There was a period in my life where my life was more or less organized around gaming. I didn't really have friends besides a few boys near my neighborhood who I would walk to and from school with and occasionally play minecraft with. Around when I turned 14 I started to drift heavily from the online spaces I hung out in at the time, mostly out of a sense of disidentification; I had actually started to use tumblr a lot…

  • A Dog That Smokes Weed

    A Dog That Smokes Weed


    One of my favorite stories of all time is a comic by the artist Michael Deforge called "Dogs 2070." It's about a dog who is a divorced dad and lives a very banal, yet hauntingly sad life. This is a 3 minutes and 40 seconds long film about a dog who smokes weed and who lives a banal, yet recognizably sad life. Some day maybe I will write an essay about what the form means here (cutout animation/colors/pace), and what…