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  • Wonder



    cute movie that i did not have to think at all through except when i googled How To Have Enough Money To Own A Brownstone With An English Literature Degree

  • Room



    yes i do the crying B) yes i do the crying B)

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  • Sometimes, I Think About Dying

    Sometimes, I Think About Dying


    i wish the end felt as real as the beginning-- some top-tier wish-fulfillment!! we all need a robert!!!!!!!!

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    i think this is a good movie to watch with another person for the first time because the beginning is so slow you need someone around to joke about how slow it is and the ending is so disarming you need someone around to ground you. one of the most prescient, incredible movies of all time-- the kind you don't really know how to write about because nobody will read it to mean exactly what it made you feel. my fav 2001 anecdote is how people used to come into the theater in droves when it first played smoking "funny cigarettes", and honestly? same