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  • Jules and Jim

    Jules and Jim


    In another world, Jules and Jim might have had an idyllic life, perhaps as eternal bachelor friends, or perhaps as lovers. Instead, into their lives storms Catherine, maelstrom of and frivolity and fraught, a third wheel wrecking ball equally caged by a society that demands from her children and domesticity. Perhaps a pessimistic metaphor for life itself, promise and optimism weighed down by responsibilities and a realization of one’s own limitations.

    It's fine to want to rediscover the laws for human life, but how practical it must be to conform to existing ones. We gambled with the sources of life and lost.

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  • The Untouchables

    The Untouchables


    So much about prohibition is silly and obvious in retrospect—it providing the fertilizer for the growth of organized crime and cynicism about the law in general—that it’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t know that tax evasion was the way to nail a big bad guy or that witnesses should be protected from corrupt cops too. So of course it would take an untouchable boy scout like Elliot Ness—the embodiment of Lawful Good (for those DnD fans out…

  • Right Now, Wrong Then

    Right Now, Wrong Then


    Life redux. Are we seeing the same people behaving differently or different people in similar situations? However it is, the counterparts are inverses of one another, the first Director Ham’s bloviating phoniness replaced by the second’s too-direct sincerity, and the first Hee-jeong’s aloof unsettledness replaced by the second’s lovelorn longing. Neither comes to anything—this is a movie about the kind of fleeting encounter you can only have with a total stranger—and that lends the movie’s title a second meaning: right now, as in… this moment. Now is all these two have, right or wrong.

    I wish we could've met back then.

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  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    The movie version of a puppy being called in two directions by its parents—all it wants are some damn treats, but, like Buridan’s ass, it can’t decide which way to go and so it ends up empty handed (pawed?). Sam Raimi seems as confused as us about most of what is happening, including sudden character zags and a plot teetering on the edge of countless hours of backstory (or as it’s now known, required Wikipedia-ing), and the entire movie seems…

  • Elvis



    Fitting for a pic about The King, Luhrmann’s delirious, joyful, overlong, chaos biopic is missing none of the excess and extravagance that followed, and eventually came to define, Elvis Presley. Snap zooms into Elvis’s gyrating crotch, multi panel reaction shots that would put the Marvel movies whose comics inspired them (the panels) to shame, a busted “Hollywood” sign dissolving into a title card that reads “television”, Elvis framed in front of a carnival advertisement for the “geek” to show the mindset…