Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★

What if It’s a Wonderful Life met The Matrix and had a midlife crisis? Evelyn is a first generation Chinese immigrant mom-with-laundromat whose introduction to the multiverse reveals that she’s consistently made the wrong choice, in the sense that every one of her counterparts are off living more glamorous, exciting, and fulfilling lives than her. As the living embodiment of regret, she’s uniquely positioned to benefit from these glimpses into what could have been, which at first means she has lots of strange powers suddenly at her disposal but later means she can demonstrate the power of genuinely choosing mundanity and love to her daughter when given the choice to live out a different version of her life. That is a superpower—who among us, if presented with the opportunity to do things better and assured that our choices would not affect anyone we cared about (they’d continue living their lives as if nothing happened), wouldn’t pick the better life—but to what end I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s the aspiration to live without regret? I can dig that. 

But you, here, you're capable of anything because you're so bad at everything.

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