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  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


    With every passing minute, the characters in the film become more complex and engaging to watch. The cast is stellar (to say the least), the score is great, and the plot as a whole strikes a nice balance between narrative resolution and ambiguity. Really entertaining and ultimately enriching ride.

  • Mudbound



    Struggles quite a bit in the first act, but once the plot kicks in, it becomes thoroughly engaging. The whole thing is a pretty interesting exploration of what soldiers coming back from war - especially African-Americans - faced on the homefront, and the performances/cinematography/editing are all solid enough to make up for the pacing. It sticks with you long after the credits roll, and ends with just enough resolution to satisfy, but not so much as to overly romanticize the situation.

    Also, Carey Mulligan. Gotta love her.

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  • Spielberg



    When you go to film school, you will inevitably meet that freshman student who says “Spielberg is overrated and his movies are too mainstream and sentimental.”

    Please force that pretentious douche to watch this great documentary.

  • Justice League

    Justice League


    Justice League is not as downright horrendous as Suicide Squad, nor is it as ambitious or visionary as BVS. What it is is very, very, very, dumb. Impeccably dumb. So dumb it hurts. I'm literally chuckling to myself right now just thinking about how dumb it is.

    There's no ambition, no spark of creativity, nothing to latch onto other than cool visuals and "comic-booky" moments that mindless fanboys will adore. The film feels like a betrayal of everything the DCEU…