2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

Saw it for the first time in IMAX tonight. Definitely a very cool experience.

Blah blah blah revolutionary and influential blah blah blah thought-provoking and layered blah blah blah this is real cinéma etc etc. What am I gonna say that hasn’t been said? 

- I enjoyed it more than I expected to, actually, but definitely need to rewatch to get the full effect and dwell on the ideas. It wasn’t as pretentious as I expected, but definitely needs some time to marinate. 

- Obviously all the stuff involving HAL is the most engaging and “entertaining” because it’s the only aspect of the film with any semblance of persisting conflict or drama. Everything else involving spaceship parking and 1950s FaceTime calls was quite slow, but did I really expect anything else? And it definitely gives you time to think about the ideas.

- The moaning music they played whenever the monolith was onscreen is literally the stuff of nightmares. I’m still kinda shaken thinking about it.

- Ape prologue? More involving than you’d expect.

- Amazing set/costume design and FX, obviously. Loved all the touches that made each spaceship seem real and personalized, and the little technologies and inventions that felt like they’d exist if this really happened.

- When the intermission started everyone in my theater just sat in awkward silence unsure of whether they should get up or speak. Then I looked down at all the rows and realized we’d just been watching a movie about technology overpowering humans and now everyone was staring at their phone screens. Then I realized I was doing the same thing because I was tweeting about it.

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