Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★½

Cute as ever, and delightfully absurd and stupid at every moment - even if it’s nowhere near as comedically polished as something like Ghostbusters or Back to the Future. At its best, this feels kinda like a home movie I would’ve made at age 12, if I’d had the budget (or time travel technology) to shoot in Ancient Greece. I wish there was more funny time travel mechanics stuff; the gags toward the end with the circular time loops were the best part. Admittedly, though, the Night At The Museum movies pulled off the “historical figures lost in modern day” gag in a much wittier way - mostly due to the fact that they had Ben Stiller to be the baffled straightman amongst the chaos. Here, there is very little straightman - there is just chaos. But then again, maybe that’s the beauty of it?

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