Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★★

"we have the nanny-cam footage!"

Watched with Rian Johnson and Steve Yedlin's commentary track. Absolutely glorious. Rian mentions reading CS Lewis which makes me love him even more. Oh, and the blocking in this movie? It’s just masterclass. There’s a lot of talk in the commentary about how they used blocking/staging to create some “shape” to each lengthy scene; for instance, the police questioning sequence runs for about 30 minutes, but the staging pre-Blanc-intro and post-Blanc-intro helps to give it some structure. And so many smart little choices that are so easily taken for granted! Yedlin mentions projecting a lampshade silhouette on the ceiling when Joni hears the thud above her head, just so that the ceiling wouldn’t be blank/empty when we pan upward. Then they used that lampshade silhouette as a recurring lighting motif throughout the rest of the film. Brilliant.

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