Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

“you know, kidnapping is a hanging.”

“so’s blowin’ the heads off little girls! they can only hang me once...right?”

This isn’t Tarantino’s funniest movie, and it isn’t Tarantino’s saddest movie, but it might be the movie that combines the two in the most genuinely affecting way. There’s a melancholic bittersweetness to everything that happens here, with every subdued moment somehow functioning as a satirical farce and a lovely character study at the same time. I find myself dying of laughter at Leo’s over-the-top acting scenes, but then I find myself dying inside at the insecurities and depression they really mask. And heck, we’re talking about Rick Dalton, an absolutely cartoonish and egotistical caricature of a character. How could we reasonably sympathize with a guy like that? 

I guess we all mask the caricatures in our own heads sometimes. It feels good to see them realized without shame.

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