Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Pokémon Detective Pikachu ★★★½

You could just hear that cinematographer and production designer going “HELL YEAH BLADE RUNNER VIBES!” That 1st AC was having trouble with the focus pulling early on though, wasn’t he?

This is basically a cartoon brought to life onscreen in all the best ways. Super campy, super silly, super cool. Did you really come see the movie called *DETECTIVE PIKACHU* for subtle exposition and believable emotional beats? Nah. You came for a fun world, cute lil monsters, and maybe some cool twists. I got all that, plus the VFX designs were spot-on, the 35mm was really stunning on the big screen and the credits were awesome. Not particularly well-directed in terms of performances or really anything beyond the aesthetic, but it does a good job of introducing the world of Pokèmon while also not treating the audience like they’ve never heard of it.

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