Sonic the Hedgehog ★★★★★

This is probably the finest video game movie adaptation I’ve ever seen, I had a smile on my face all the way through and I’m not ashamed to admit it I felt teary at points just from how fantastically well done this movie was. To see one of my favourite video game characters translate so well to the big screen was such a joy, and it was great to see a adaptation which meets the perfect mix of taking from the source material and bringing something fresh to it. I was hesitant about Jim Carrey playing Dr Robotnik back when it was first announced, but I really enjoyed his portrayal and it felt like seeing a side of the character I’d never seen, almost like an origin story, and also it was great to see Carrey in this kind of role again. Ben Schwartz as Sonic is so pitch perfect and unique it makes me wish he’d do the voice for upcoming games as well, I don’t think Sonic has ever been as lovable as he is in this film. The chemistry between all the characters was such a joy to watch and so natural, the humour was pretty on point and never really felt like it was aiming at a kids audience or was too overwhelming with references to the series. I’m honestly so happy this movie was as good as it was because in a way after the whole backlash from the first trailer I was expecting a disappointment but since then my hopes got built up more and more and yet it still went up and beyond for me. I know there’s probably a lot of people who won’t agree and that’s fine, I’m just so overjoyed right now this movie exists and that it’s actually this good, and after that mid credit scene I really hope there’s a sequel.

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