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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    This is the most up his own ass Von Trier has been in a hot minute, and it's also instantly become my favorite film of his (that I've seen so far). As usual, the flak and controversy that followed the films release was way overblown (at least to me); the films by no means an easy watch, but it could've been so much worse regarding the subject matter. In THTJB, Von Trier expresses his belief that artists use their art…

  • Funny Games

    Funny Games


    Definitely prefer this to the original. Virtually every performance in this I think is better than the original, but both are great for their own reasons. 

    Funny Games is dense to say the least. Even without the subtext, the film manages to work and instill a sense of dread. Haneke has stated that if the original were a success, it would be due to audiences missing the point of the film. The "point", becomes apparent when Paul breaks the fourth…

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  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    Where would I possibly begin to try and describe this movie? I've been wondering this since I've finished it, and I simply don't believe I can. Love Exposure is a film that I could definitely describe as an "experience". Without a doubt one of the most original, most masterfully crafted films I've ever seen. The pacing, characters, plot and the cinematography just... God. This isn't even a review. I can't do this film justice. Everybody needs to experience this for…

  • Antichrist



    It's weird that this is the first Von Trier film that I liked. Cause I'm still not sure exactly why I do. I will say that I (and everyone else who liked this) felt the atmosphere did a fantastic job of constantly rising the sense of foreboding dread. Thematically speaking, it's pretty layered. From what I did get as of now, I felt was presented well (for the most part) but god this just throws ten things at you at once and expects you to pick it all up immediately. Which was no doubt done on purpose