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  • Kite



    Don't remember much of this from my first time watching. The animation on this is really ugly which lends to the seediness of it all. The only well animated parts are the sex scenes which is no surprise here. If you like cartoon blood and cartoon nudity you'll like this, cuz that's about the only thing it offers

  • Fear



    "Mark Wahlberg plays himself"
    "Best use of a dead dog since Candyman"

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  • The Ring

    The Ring


    I'd managed to go this far in life without seeing the original or this. The pawn shop in the neighborhood has 50 cent DVDs so I stock up for winter. I often find really good stuff (Herzog, Svankmajer, at least 5 copies of Eraserhead) as well as stuff like this that have earned acclaim but I've never seen.

    I figure there's no way I'm gonna enjoy this, especially since my only context for this movie are the general plot and…

  • Suspiria



    It was in 35mm? Yup.
    in Italian? Oh yeah.
    and Jessica Harper was there?????

    Honestly an electric experience wow