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  • Jug Face

    Jug Face


    The lady I used to babysit for told me to watch this 3 years ago. Finally got to cross it off my list. Very unique premise and characters, it's missing something but I don't know what. Don't fuck your brother cuz you will get pregnant and die.

  • Fungicide



    Feels like a YouTube poop of The Oregonian directed by Giuseppe Andrews, I would call this a perfect film.

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  • Possession



    A horror film about divorce.

  • Return of the Living Dead 3

    Return of the Living Dead 3


    Very surprised with this one. A lot like Society where there's a lot of things said and then a good payoff. This reads like a dig on the emotional and actual labor men put women through, which kind of reminds me of Ginger Snaps. All the actors are good, especially the actress who plays Julie. She reminds me a lot of Margot Robie and kinda sounds like her. Her final form is so fuckin cool she looks like modern primitive…