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  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    Haddonfield, a town populated by white people who know nothing but murder and tragedy.

    Picking up moments it predecessor left off, Halloween II jumps directly into the blue overalls of our favorite white faced killer, Michael Myers. After being shot by Sam Loomis and doing a swan dive off of a balcony, Myers dusts himself off to finish what he started, you gotta admire this guys tenacity.

    And where is he heading off too? Definetly not Maui. He is foot…

  • Scream



    Woodsboro, a town in the middle of nowhere and not a single POC in sight and has a dark past. A year ago, a horrific murder occurred, leaving Sydney motherless and her father wondering if he should try out Tindr.

    Now, a new killer is stalking teens in this quiet town, with their sick twisted games pertaining to the rules and tropes of horror movies themselves. The meta becomes meta and bodies pile up.

    But who is it? Randy, the…

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  • Dolly Dearest

    Dolly Dearest


    From the depths of shitty horror of 1991 comes Dolly Dearest. A movie that I am sure was financed by Al Queda to see how far our sanity could be pushed.

    The Wades leave their WASP life in L.A. for a desert mansion in Mexico to work in a doll factory that houses, what can be best described as, dolls that look like Linda Hunt.

    And just like every other Mexican dream home, they are right next door to an…