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This review may contain spoilers.

Right now I feel like a 3 1/2 coming out of this, but I have the feeling I get with most MCU films where I feel it draining away from me and uninterest kicking in, so I'm gonna lowball it at 3, and just saying, that 3 means it really exceeded my expectations.

This movie is more about the moments within the film then the film itself, even know the first third and some of the overarching themes of the film are about how different people grieve, how we deal with the deaths of others, blame ourselves for things that were completely out of our control, and how we all process death in different ways that affect our mindset in life and how that will affect others. Anyways, it's more about the spoilerly moments within the film than that, so I'm just gonna list out what I thought of them, considering that's kind of what the film does for most of the running time.

* CAPTAIN MARVEL WAS BOTH WASTED AND HELPED OUT TOO MUCH! WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT! Literally, she is in like two scenes but shapes the story in such a considerable way, that it feels like the script used her when they wrote themselves into a corner and needed an easy way out. Fiege said that we were gonna see her kryptonite here, and we definitely didn't because we didn't really even see her. Plus, nice haircut!

* The opening scene with Hawkeye made me laugh so hard, and everyone in the theater was looking at me in shock.

*Glad everyone pre-snap is DEAD!


*Before the time travel, that was easily my favorite part about the movie, especially what Black Widow was going through and the endless guilt she felt.

*It's so funny one of the co-directors made himself the first gay character in the MCU, and it came off as wanting to do it just to say he did it, and not for inclusion's sake. I could begin a long rant about how it was so horribly added in there, but I'm just gonna say it feels insincere at best.


*KORG PLAYS FORTNITE!!!! *flosses aggressively*

*I related more to Thor in this film than any other superhero I have ever seen on screen, easily surpassing Deadpool.

*The Time travel element was really cool overall and was likely used as the only way that they could resolve it with what they had at their disposal. Also, they REALLY want people to like ant man, man.

*NOFUCKINGWAYYOULETBLACKWIDOWDIEYOUFFUCKS! (Glad they stuck to it when it's all said and done)

* "That definitely is America's ass"

*I can not believe Disney kidnapped Natalie Portman for an hour to help them film.

*Literally everything between the end of the time travels to the final battle is gonna be forgotten so quickly, even know there's a whole other snap involved in there.

*Y'all should have known to send Nebula in the past, who mostly robot and SON OF THANOS!

* I'm gonna assume that everyone was in an alternate dimension when they got snapped, but there are duplicates of some that come out of that dimension that is still alive, but also the snap worked and everyone came back, so did the snap actually not work and they needed help from the other dimensions or did it and they just needed back up? Literally, I don't understand, and it might just be because I'm a super passive moviegoer when it comes to this franchise outside of GOTG and Ragnarok, soooooooo.

*Steve being able to summon thors hammer was the most confusing thing I've ever seen and got the biggest cheers out of my audience.

*Them getting all of the women together was so funny, because it was clearly just an inclusion play, like LOOK AT ALL OF OUR WOMAN GUYS!!!!!!

*The way Iron Man goes is commendable, and kind of anticlimactic if you ask me. More glad that the person replacing him is Pepper, who, even know it's Gwyneth Paltrow, her character doesn't make me want to kick them in the face over and over again.

*The route they went with Thor is incredible, mostly because they are setting up MORE TESSA THOMPSON IN THE MCU!

*The way the wrapped up Captain America and his saga is incredible and absolutely what that character wanted and deserved, but what they set up is worse.


It's funny I think all of this but it's my favorite Avengers movie for sure.

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