Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★½

God films like this give me a fleeting love of my sexuality, where my industrialized homophobia fades away for a bit, and I connect with a film that goes over the struggles of gay life, even today in a more Hollywood sense, showing that these stories are valid, and similar to their straight counterparts, just with far more self doubt over doing the right thing and, in my opinion, far cuter and lovely. 

I've only felt this feeling a couple of times, since mainstream films with gay leads that actually include romance isn't common at all. The last true Hollywood take was Love Simon, which is a pretty good two thirds of a movie, which then betrays itself in it's emotional climax over a moment that might seem touching in the moment, but hypocritical and evil when you think about it some more. While it's coming out story isn't air tight here, with some of the ”play straight” moments going a bit too far, it's all in service of the formula, for audiences they'll find the ending more charming and heartfelt (I didn't 100% feel the same, with a bit of coldness that comes with the last 10 minutes, but I've seen this in straight rom coms, and for the sake of assimilation, I don't mind because duvall had a fantastic hold on how it feels to go back in the closet around your significant other, for one reason or another, and how frustrating, and sometimes important to do so, but others pointless and done out of fear).

It's just so charming to see an LGBTQ+ story told by a studio, with the warts that come with the studio gloss, because it actually feels like meaningful representation, something that doesn't happen all too often in the system yet, especially if it stars Kristen Stewart, who is charmingly excellent here!

Also, full disclaimer, this was totally shot in Pittsburgh, and I actually was one of the extras on the film! It was specifically the first scene, which took three full night shoots the film. One of my last pre pandemic memories was like a month before everything shut down, at 4 in the morning on day one walking on the sidewalk, and accidentally bumping into Stewart. Of course I was a nervous wreck and apologized to no end, she was cool, and asked me why I was a night extra, and I said, and ill never forget this ”even though I have to work in the morning, these Pittsburgh gays are out here helping y'all in any way we can”. She preceded to hug me, and tell me I'm crazy and need to hype up on caffeine if I want to survive the day.

What a bitch, I loved her even more after that. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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