Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

I've had four hours of conversations about this film over the last 24, so because this is for fun, it's hard to take all of those thoughts and contain them to even just 1k-2k words, but this movie is designed for everyone to have a different reaction to, just as everyone's experiences with sexual violence is different, or even nonexistent.

I don't want to spoil anything, but I rewatched the last half of this today after seeing it last night because I thought the lead up to the final act was a bit weak, but I felt every emotion even harder knowing where it was going to go. You'll love or hate why the ending happens, or why it had to happen, or even be disgusted at it's existence, which funny enough is all fair, but it's unwillingness to quiet down, it's anger and eagerness to upend the cliches that fill body the romance film and the rape-revenge feature, and drench it all in a light, poppiness that can make this ideal more approachable to an audience member.

Wouldn't be surprised if I love it more upon a rewatch. Feels like a messier Get Out for how victims of sexual violence are treated, and not because it's a debut genre feature where the dialogue is inherently political.

One to watch and make up your mind about. Please do so, even if you hate it, watch it.

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