First Reformed

faith and science, despair and hope.

can god forgive us for what we have done to the planet? is it a part of a plan, or a punishment? the line is blurred between faith and fact for some. what you believe can feel like fact, what is fact can feel like faith. they aren’t mutually exclusive: there can be faith in fact, and fact in faith, but how do you go about doing right by both? alleviate the fear of the wrath of god, and the fear of the future: both feel out of our control. first reformed is a balancing act. a balancing act of what is morally selfish or noble, and what is faithful and what is pragmatic.

paul schrader pulls back. he is confident in his writing, his actors, his sets: enough to pull back and let it be seen. he is unintrusive, he directs with ease, letting the substance speak for itself. utilizing wide shots to see each perspective, every emotion, and both sides of two moral conflicts. the frame overflows with tension.

“you knew this all along.”