Pokémon Detective Pikachu

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I got my first Pokémon game when I was 6, it was Pokémon Sapphire that I played on a slate grey Gameboy Advance with a large Powerpuff girls sticker on top. My best friend was a boy my age, the youngest of five, who lived down the street and inherited his older siblings games. We formed this sort of neighborhood friend-group of all these kids where we all played Pokémon, watched movies and jumped on the trampoline. As we got older we drifted apart, by junior high we were completely different: suddenly fighting to grow up, to be someone.

This film is a portal to that time, that uncomplicated, fun time: though never wavering from the reality of aging. Tim is disillusioned, depressed, “grown up”, he’s that serious adult someone we wanted to be. Detective Pikachu is letting go of that heavy façade of adultness. It’s letting the world inside, letting yourself out into the world. It’s a story of redemption, second chances, finding some sort of hope.

Obviously it’s not perfect and I’m being very generous, plot-wise I wish it wasn’t so safe: the second half is repetitive and lags. But if anything, a film made specifically for those nostalgic of simpler, more colorful, safe times, it is exactly as it should be. This is the film for those people, wanting to come home to their friends.