Indie-Film Kid Starter Pack

AKA the "A24 Stan". For every teen/college-aged kid who loves cinema, with an extra focus on those atmospheric romances and coming of age films, ESPECIALLY newer releases. This is a collection of films that brings a younger audience deeper into the world of cinema: making the type of kid who wants to support independent cinema, but will still see the new Star Wars movie in theaters. They’re contradictory.

These are the kids drinking cold brew and tweeting film edits set to Lorde songs who want to be screenwriters. It’s hard to watch as many films as they’d like to with both their scheducle and their attention span, so they usually rewatch their favorites. Wes Anderson is God.

Sorted by color because of the aesthetic.
Recommendations are welcome and loved.

P.S. This is a self-parody, and is in NO WAY making fun of anyone. I love all these films, and I love when any film can make someone love the craft.

There is 1 historical film in this list.

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