Strike ★★★

To wash out the taste that Yankee Doodle Dandy left in my mouth, we decided to turn to some communist propaganda for a nice pallet cleanser.

The film-making at work here was incredibly clever. I loved the way "The Owl" "The Bulldog", etc. were introduced with their cross fades with actual animals.

The first few and final chapters were good but the 4th and 5th were very very very boring. I also kind of get annoyed with Eisenstein's cutting. It's so rapid and relentless and often seems to alternate between two concurrent events, going back and forth between them quickly. I have his "film form" book and I need to dig into it to see what his whole montage theory was because I don't really enjoy it for what I've seen. The things that really shine about the movies of his I've seen is the images more so than the editing, and this one had some jaw-droppers!