I reached heaven and it was syrupy.
It was oppressively sweet.

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  • No President
  • The Great Art of Knowing
  • Le Révélateur
  • Cooperation of Parts

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  • All That Rises


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  • The Movement of Light at Night


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  • Life/Expectancy



    I look up
    and a thousand rocking children
    are candle-bled from my eyes;
    wax-wet sons and daughters
    bled from the womb of my eyes.

    Ah these are the slowest hours
    cloud into cloud like slow motion flowers
    until one cloud becomes all
    and I become blind.

  • Cooperation of Parts

    Cooperation of Parts


    abuse is written into iron, kindness into sand

Popular reviews

  • Girl, Interrupted

    Girl, Interrupted


    i didn't rewatch this. i just had to write a review for this because im physically sick of seeing people praising it.

    my writing is often incoherent so i hope I can get my point across

    please read this even if you disagree with me
    this is not what mental illness is like.
    i have so many problems with this that's is hard to even put into words.
    so I'll make a list.
    1) mental illness is not something…

  • Possession



    this isn't madness.
    this isn't insanity.
    it's everything around you and the nothingness that fills you. it's the absence of reality, of participating in reality. it's having neither dreams or nightmares, because you already live in one. it's refusing to refuse and accepting and the unacceptable. it's having contradicting emotions and living in a contradictory reality.

    everything comes and goes, everything goes and comes, but you can't move.

    every second of this is so insanely relatable. i feel like isabelle…