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i hate robert pattinson

1 film

i made this list just to say i hate robert pattinson

  • After Last Season
  • Filibus
  • Sylvia and the Ghost
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
  • The 4th Man

steals the heart from my chest

101 films

personal canon, 1 film per filmmaker, not in order, sorted by color

  • Shinjuku
  • Picture Perfect Pyramid
  • Sans titre: Mai
  • Empire
  • Black Rain White Scars


367 films

no suggestions constantly updating

  • Lumière et ombre
  • Light Study
  • The Kingdom of Flowers
  • Essais cinématographiques
  • Prétexte
  • Barr 1985
  • The Whole Body Feels Light and Wants to Fly…
  • The Man Who Came with the Snow
  • LSD Wall
  • I Did Not Die


129 films

really want to watch, unavailable / can't contact the filmmaker discord: itamar#4762 gmail:

  • Dead End
  • Hero of the Year
  • The Body Will Be Committed to the Ground, And the Senior Warrant Officer Will Sing
  • Sea of Roses
  • Festa, Trabalho e Pão em Grijó de Parada

i need subs for these

14 films

i need english subs for these, or alternatively, subs in other languages i can translate

  • Ritual
  • Marathon

films that portray OCD right

2 films

suffering from OCD myself, it's hard to find films that actually portray OCD correctly (intentionally or not) so these are…

  • Girl, Interrupted
  • Daniel Isn't Real
  • Rakkhosh
  • Black Swan
  • A Clockwork Orange

these do NOT portray mental illness accurately

19 films

all the films I've seen that portray mental illness awfully here's a list of films that do portray mental illness…

  • Possession
  • Ritual
  • Fear of Fear
  • The Green Ray
  • Happy-Go-Lucky

gently touching fire

12 films

films that in my personal opinion have a gentle, understanding, or otherwise, accurate approach to disorders, mental illness, and the…

  • House in Oikoshi
  • age: M→F
  • Between the Breaches the Void Looms
  • Leaving
  • Turning the Arm with a Movie Camera: Person, Landscape


47 films

i added to lb

  • Love Exposure
  • Baxter, Vera Baxter
  • Guided by Voices
  • India Song
  • Woman of the Ganges

please don't stop the music

26 films

films where the same melody is repeated throughout the entire (or almost entire) film • suggestions are super welcome

  • Up, Down, Fragile
  • The Story of Marie and Julien
  • Thursday Afternoon
  • The Young Girls of Rochefort
  • Filibus

influential first watches of 2021

20 films

an ongoing list!