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  • Maurice


  • A Dangerous Method


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  • Maurice



    Do you realize I would have gone through life half-awake if you'd had the decency to leave me alone?

    Maurice Hall (James Wilby) meets Clive Durham (Hugh Grant) while attending the University of Cambridge. One night, Clive confesses his love for Maurice — not a brotherly love, but something romantic. Though initially horrified, Maurice reciprocates, and the two start an affair. While Clive is risk-averse, having a social position to consider, Maurice follows his heart, even letting the secret of…

  • A Dangerous Method

    A Dangerous Method


    Cult Movie Challenge 2016 | 26/52 | Cronenberg

    Burghölzli Clinic, Zürich, Switzerland, 17 August 1904

    Sabina Spielrein (Keira Knightley) suffers a mental breakdown following the death of her only sister, Emilia. After one unsuccessful stay at a Swiss sanatorium, her family admits Sabina to Burghölzli.

    Eugen Bleuler (André Hennicke) serves as director of Burghölzli, with Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) operating as an assistant to Bleuler. Jung starts talk therapy with Spielrein, using word association and dream interpretation.

    Jung freely discusses…

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  • Hella Trees

    Hella Trees


    I remember being in art school and finding obsessions. There’s always a fear of being perceived as naive or undereducated about a subject since “it’s all been done before” or whatever. But when you can just let yourself go and lose that fear a bit, it can feel vital and freeing, like I don’t have to think about what I’m going to make for a bit, it’s just going to focus on this

    Anyway, I feel like this short captured that feeling pretty perfectly

  • XX



    Cult Movie Challenge 2016 | 25/52 | Horror Anthology

    The concept is four horror shorts directed by women. Horror anthologies are always a mixed bag, and horror shorts are difficult to nail.

    I like everyone involved in this, but they've all done better work.

    The in-between scenes are creepy stop-motion toys. There isn't a plot, but there is an arc. They're my favorite part of this.

    The Box — Jovanka Vuckovic *.5
    Natalie (Natalie Brown) and her kids, Danny and…