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  • Enemy of the State

    Enemy of the State


    Enemy of the State a political conspiracy thriller and most likely the inspiration for the show CSI. It opens with a NSA agent having a congressman assassinated but made to look like an accident. Little did the NSA know but there was a camera recording the whole thing. So the whole movie is spent chasing an unsuspecting lawyer who ended up with a copy of the tape. One could consider this the beginning of the downfall of Will Smith. The…

  • Barely Lethal

    Barely Lethal


    The female assassin genre is somewhat niche while teen romantic comedies are mostly a dime a dozen. So the creators of Barely Lethal thought it would be a masterstroke to combine the two. The idea is there is a government run spec-ops division training female orphans to become assassins. Hailee Steinfeld plays agent 83, the best of the Academy. But as she grew older she wondered what it was like to have a regular life and studied better movies than…

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  • Kite



    Kite (as in a Kite you fly) is a very dark action anime about a girl, Sawa, who's parents were murdered at a young age. A police detective, Akai, takes her in and raises her to murder child rapists with the underlying promise she will eventually murder the person or persons who killed her parents. The catch is he has actually been raping her since she was young so the content is quite disturbing. On the flip side the action…

  • House



    Some things are better left unsaid. To do a synopsis of this film would be a disservice. It's best to go in blind. This is such a bizarre movie, I suppose it is horror but it is so weird and upbeat it reminds me of a tripped out episode of Scooby Doo. With that said your body is not ready for this.