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  • Starry Eyes

    Starry Eyes


    Starry Eyes is a strange but enjoyable meta horror/slasher. It follows Sarah an aspiring actress working at "Big Taters" restaurant. She auditions for a movie called, "The Silver Slasher," but the audition and subsequent auditions are quite odd. In order to get the part she literally has to sacrifice her old life. The film starts out quirky and odd and then later evolves into a somewhat serious gory horror flick. Overall a well made interesting film. Special shout out to the soundtrack which is also quite good.

  • Thelma



    Thelma is the prequel to Thelma and Louise. Little did you know that Thelma was a telekinetic Norwegian college girl. Directed by Joachim Trier Thelma follows a girl who leaves home then has mysterious dreams and seizures. Her condition escalates and she tries to get help from the hospital and soon her forgotten past becomes unearthed. Thelma is a slow paced but deliberate film but overall the mystery is good enough for it to pay off in the end.

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  • DeepStar Six

    DeepStar Six


    In the world of science fiction space may be the final frontier but the ocean is much closer to home and also grossly under represented in film. DeepStar Six is a film made in the late eighties starring the late Miguel Ferrer that aims to remedy this situation. Also, coincidentally later in the year The Abyss came out but get it straight, DeepStar Six came out first!

    The story follows a group in an underwater naval facility. Their final mission…

  • Kite



    Kite (as in a Kite you fly) is a very dark action anime about a girl, Sawa, who's parents were murdered at a young age. A police detective, Akai, takes her in and raises her to murder child rapists with the underlying promise she will eventually murder the person or persons who killed her parents. The catch is he has actually been raping her since she was young so the content is quite disturbing. On the flip side the action…