Parasite ★★★★★

I FINALLY saw Parasite and I am more than willing to help lead the hype train because it truly is that incredible.

Bongo Joon-Ho, master of the one-take, crafts another gorgeously mounted, wildly entertaining genre blend. A tightly coiled story that's so carefully paced and punctured by sudden tonal shifts that it becomes one of the rare movies that are impossible to predict. There's one monatge in particular that uses juxtaposition to infuriating and anxiety-inducing effect. Parasite is at first inviting with it's lovable and relatable con-family at the heart of it, dishing out plates of drop-dead hilarious comedy, but as it slowly inches and inches towards something far more sinister, it becomes a viscous punch to the jugular. The screenplay is *chef's kiss* in that it's an embarrassment of thematic riches and chock full of smart foreshadowing and delicious dialogue.

Of course Parasite is a movie with a lot on it's mind in regards to class division and the nature of greed. As the Kim's slowly begins to assimilate with the rich, upper-class Parks, they begin to lose sight of their moral compass. Although it's a credit to Bong that he never vilifies them, as they are decent people at heart. It all comes ahead in a downright insane final act that pushes Parasite's thematic conceits to the forefront. As the lives they destroyed through their desire for money comes to bite them in the ass. Parasite would be a deeply depressing experience if it wasn't so much fun to watch, as the movie's final message is there's no way to move up in a broken system.

Also, every single performance is awards worthy especially Song Kang-Ho who was SHAMEFULLY snubbed by the academy.

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