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  • Memoria



    "How was death?"

    "It was fine. Nothing happened. I just stopped."

    There are films that you remember where and when you saw them for the first time, their initial entry into your psyche like a parasite a transcendent experience. There are also films who tend to stick with you for the rest of your life, coming and returning at different stages, revealing new tapestries and deeper meanings the older you grow.

    Memoria is an incredibly rare film, one that reveals…

  • Ghost Tropic

    Ghost Tropic


    "This morning I was thinking about a word, ‘journey,’ and how we have related to it. When we were young on a road trip, our restless mind prompted us to repeat: ‘Are we there yet?’, ‘When are we going to arrive?’ As we grew older we paid more attention to the passing scenery.

    A movie itself is a journey. It drives us towards different dramatic points. Along the way to the points are fillers that function like mini-destinations. The more…

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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    What a complete fucking joke of a film that brazenly cashes all of its chips into the current Hollywood self-flogging trend of morally bankrupt white feminist corporate schlock passed off as subversive gender commentary.

    The Alison Brie scene alone (and the Connie Britton one immediately following,) with weaponizing the threat of sexual violence into psychological torture against other women, should've been enough to bury this film in a desert and never return to it. Emerald Fennell is a filmmaker pretending…

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    Sam Levinson wishes he was black so fucking much. He wishes he had the credibility to do an OutKast song drop, or complain about "the white dude at Indiewire," or have JDW wax poetic about the vanguard of Do the Right Thing. He wishes he was Edward Albee and that this is his Virginia Woolf, so much so that the script's form is so fucking cliched it wouldn't pass for a high school fall production.

    This is one of the…