Day of the Dead ★★★★½

Wow, Romero really knocked that trilogy out of the fucking park. Day of the Dead is both a wonderful final statement (though not really since there are so many more ____ of the Dead's after, but lets pretend there isn't) but after watching the previous 2, it seems like the most logical conclusion. Each sequel got bigger and bigger, with Night showing the start of it all, how the zombies will effect us. Then Dawn goes further, showing the collapse of society. Day finally completes it by showing that humanity is at its end. Throw in some social commentary and you got one fucking hell of a Horror trilogy.

Though it does end on a somewhat hopeful note, the facts are there, as long as there are humans around, there will be problems. It's quite the negative view, but with the light Romero shines on it, it's hard to notice how bleak it really ends. It shows humans as the true monsters and even makes a hero out of a zombie (I can't believe that worked, I mean, I felt emotions... for a zombie!). The dead ultimately save the day (it is theirs after all) and lay waste to the real monster, people. It seems almost cliché and stupid talking about it, but Romero's directing and writing really work. These "villains" are just people at the end of their means, they can't mentally take it anymore and it seems hard for them to determine if it's people or the zombies they're worried about. People don't trust people, only themselves, and that is the ultimate flaw shown here. I honestly don't believe that The Walking Dead would exist if it was not for this very film, since it's thesis is very reliant on this (the other films as well, but Day of the Dead more so). Also the effects are just fucking amazing, the kills towards the end are unbelievably crafted, truly horrific work done there.
I'm sad it came to an end, I'll be damned to find a horror trilogy on par with this.