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  • The 5th Wave

    The 5th Wave

    Kudos for making this film sound like a scifi-horror from the title. Too bad it was another YA novel-driven Hunger Games wannabe.

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    At the risk of being too harsh, I felt the film was too slow and it's moments of suspense led to nothing. It didn't feel scary at all but perhaps you have to be superstitious. Regardless, the cinematography and score were wonderful.

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  • Behind the Candelabra

    Behind the Candelabra


    Wow how good is Michael Douglas, am I right? Actually everyone in this was so fantastic and Liberace is such an interesting character (no surprise there). Soderbergh really pulled this together into a very cohesive, funny and emotional piece. With such a diverse filmography I wasn't sure what to expect from him with this particular narrative and aesthetic - needless to say the result speaks for itself.

  • Frozen



    I wanted to love this more than I actually loved this. There are some nice moments, the music has some great songs but overall I didn't find it entirely satisfying. The story and dynamic between the two sisters is fantastic to see and is a great narrative for young girls to be exposed to (unlike the perpetual damsel in distress that has inhabited Disney films for so long).