The Room ½

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Although Tommy Wiseau now claims that he made this film to be a comedy or parody of bad films (or whatever lie he is trying to pass it off as)... it most certainly doesn't read like that.

It seems like a film made by someone who knows less than nothing about films and writes worse than an eight year old child. The plot is so inconsistent that it hurts, the pacing is so slow I wanted to stab myself in the eyes and the acting is so bad I was begging for a rusty spoon to slit my wrists with.

And that's not even the worse thing about it, the worse thing is the incredibly misogynistic sentiments littering the script. I can't even begin to give examples as the entire plot revolves around how inhumane and evil women are. It is truly a sight to behold. This is even echoed in the convoluted and terrifying accounts of what happened onset with the female actresses but I digress.

In summary, this is the worst film ever made simply because the intention and the result are so incongruous that it is continually misinterpreted as a comedy.

I tried to give this 0 stars but it wouldn't let me. My official rating is in fact 0 stars.