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  • Rock-A-Doodle



    damn that kid sure was a pussy ;)

  • Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

    Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend


    Madelyn. Madelyn, Madelyn, MADELYN. What have you done to this poor soul who has watched your favorite film of all time. Like Oh My God.

    You know I was going to give this something in the lines of a 4/5 maybe 4.5/5. But because the more I was realized that this was more of a tragic human drama with fantasy elements, the more it hit me with tears coming out of my eyes at the end.

    So after being friends…

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  • Logan



    logan was a better dad to laura in a week then my dad has been to me my entire life

  • mother!



    i'm so sorry that i enjoyed this, i am so sorry, feel free to unfollow me

    i'd also like to apologise to my mum and sister, who saw this with me and they did not enjoy this, i'm really sorry

    i'd also like to make this a callout post @ me why the fuck are you like this