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  • Stardust



    I often complain about book adaptations that I have a hard time watching them if I've already read the book because I mentally fill in everything that they are skipping over and its exhausting. That's how I felt here, only I've never read the book. Everything feels extremely truncated despite its runtime. There are bright spots to the film, and I think Matthew Vaughn delivers some of his style and humor to it--- but its not nearly enough to make…

  • Layer Cake

    Layer Cake


    Matthew Vaughn is one of my favorite directors, consistently making big, fun, crazy movies. Layer Cake fits right into that mold. The plot, I think, is incomprehensible at times, but its never not thrilling. Vaughn is a master of combining style with good looking action and just the right blend of comedy. This is well acted with a pre-bond Daniel Craig doing a great job as our criminal action hero. I may have lost the thread on what was happening a few times, but it really doesn't matter. This movie is a blast, and I'd happily watch it again.

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  • Repulsion



    This is one of those times where the acclaimed movie completely missed for me and I don't get why people love this movie so much. Carol, the disturbed and sexually objectified lead is vacant and uninteresting. The entire movie felt clumsy and rambling. Aside from a couple key scenes I was completely bored. I think Polanski had the germ of a really great idea. The sexual exploitation of an innocent and unwilling woman is rife for a horror movie. It just didn't work for me here.

  • L'Avventura



    At it’s core I this is an interesting film. It starts by framing the crux of the movie. Anna travels to Rome to meet her boyfriend who she hasn’t seen in months to go on a boat trip with their friends. There appears to be tension in the relationship, and Anna complains she doesn’t get enough attention. This may be true, but she is also bored. Boredom, or more specifically searching for passion, is what I feel this movie is…