Cats ★★★★

This film is like throwing pearls at swine. We do not deserve it, but we’re luckily enough to get it anyway. If you’re going to make a fantastical movie, lean in to the fantastical all the way like Cats! Plot, character, conventional visual film storytelling all take a back seat to creating a thoroughly bizarre, weird, pure, sensual and magical world. To enjoy this movie you have to let it seduce you into wanting to be in that world, at least for a few hours. I was enchanted within 5 minutes, and the rest was a vibrant fevered dream, at times nightmare at times yearningly pure, and always mesmerizing. If you choose to sit back as a voyeur and just observe this movie or judge it like a cinema sins copycat or film student this film has little to offer you. But if you still have a childlike imagination with an adult’s reservoir of experience and sensibilities you might just be transported by this movie into a crazy London Town that makes Alice in Wonderland feel tame and sane.

Also you have to find cats appealing, the way they move and their slightly haughty self-satisfied demeanor. I don’t make the rules. Luckily I’ve always found cats quite above us and admired them for it.