Heaven Knows What ★★★½

There's a '70s aesthetic that keeps creeping into modern cinema. I'm not really sure what it's all about (since the '70s are my least favorite decade in film history), but I can't fault its use here, in such a free wheeling kamikaze way. Amazing performances from a mix of professional actors and actual junkies (the fun is figuring out which is which) highlight this sort of modern Panic in Needle Park (is it like Panic in Needle Park? Honestly, I have no idea, never seen it, probably never will, so I'll just go on assuming this movie is like it until someone tells me to stop). I had no idea it was by the guys who made Daddy Longlegs, a movie I turned off due to severe antipathy, but this is a huge leap forward for them. If they can get past their influences, they might eventually develop a singular vision.