Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

Quite the surprise of a movie, I knew next to nothing about it aside from the main premise. I only discovered it’s existence a month ago and was highly intrigued by the premise. I haven’t watched a movie in over a month and I’m glad I chose this to break that little streak because it’s my favorite movie of the year so far. 

It touches so heavily on something that I myself am already terrified of, especially recently as I’ve noticed a dip in my ability to hear as well (due largely, probably, to the fact I’ve been prone to loud noises and listening to music way too loud). So to see something like this, that handles it with such beautiful care and almost like a hug telling you that it’s not the end of the world if it happens. That there’s still going to be joy and beauty in things, that it’s not something you should worry about fixing. 

Riz Ahmed is excellent here, definitely a career best out of him and undoubtedly the best performance from any film this year, in my opinion. The final 20 minutes of this is such an emotional rollercoaster, especially the “it’s okay” scene. All I can say is definitely check this out, this isn’t even anything you have to be a major fan of music to appreciate. Incredible debut and a film I’ll certainly find myself watching should I ever need that comfort.

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