Watched with Jade. Te amo. 

Having now finally gotten around to watching this, I can say that it certainly lived up to the hype. Incredible how well made this thing is, given that it’s a property that didn’t really need a sequel. I’d like to consider myself a very big fan of the source material of Watchmen as a whole, the OG graphic novel being one of my favorite pieces of literature ever, and the movie of the same name being quite possibly the best CBM ever made. The cast here, Jeremy Irons specifically, all do incredible with their roles and if there is to be a season 2, I’m completely down (even if I don’t think it needs a second season). Episodes 5, 6 and 8 are all my favorites from this, with 8 being my overall favorite. 

As I mentioned at the start, I was able to watch all of this with Jade and introduce her to a world I hold very close to me. It was special being able to watch it all with someone who is the most special person ever to me.

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