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  • The Jurassic Games

    The Jurassic Games


    It's like THE RUNNING MAN meets BATTLE ROYALE with shitty CGI dinosaurs eating people.

    I'm here for it.

  • Rampage



    Ridiculous (but fun) monster movie that knows pretty much exactly what it is - a big, dumb sci-fi/action/comedy with The Rock.

    Honestly, I knew I was fully on board when there was a scene 10-minutes in where an albino gorilla sticks his middle finger up at The Rock and starts laughing.

    Also, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is basically his WALKING DEAD character if he worked for the government before the apocalypse... and I'm cool with that.

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  • The Gift

    The Gift


    THE GIFT is the feelgood movie of the year... for sociopaths.

  • My Tutor

    My Tutor


    I expected this to be a straight sex comedy, but they snuck in drama and feels along with the copious amount of boobs. Nice surprise.