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  • Accident Man

    Accident Man


    I could do without the faux-noir narration during the first half of the movie, and it may be a little overlong, but most of ACCIDENT MAN is a lot of fun. It absolutely knows what kind of movie it is, and the humor hits its marks more than it misses; plus the action scenes are pretty awesome. Scott Adkins really deserves to be a bigger star... but, for now, we at least have a movie where he has adhesive bandages named after him.

  • Daddy's Home 2

    Daddy's Home 2


    I wish MISSLE TOW, starring Liam Neeson, was a real movie.

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  • The Gift

    The Gift


    THE GIFT is the feelgood movie of the year... for sociopaths.

  • My Tutor

    My Tutor


    I expected this to be a straight sex comedy, but they snuck in drama and feels along with the copious amount of boobs. Nice surprise.