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  • Hidden Figures

    Hidden Figures


    I didn't have high expectations for this film, and honestly I didn't have much buildup or anticipation for it either. But it was a delightful surprise, and quickly became one of my top films of the year.

    To start, the cast is just superb. Our three leads are divine, and while Taraji & Octavia are known actors at this point, I was most pleased with Janelle Monae in only her second feature film. She has the presence and talent that led…

  • Loving



    I've only seen 3 of the 5 Jeff Nichols films and while this is the bottom of those three, it's still a well-crafted, tender story.

    The film feels very different from Midnight Special or Mud and I found it to be a surprising next film in Nichols' career trajectory. But he treats it with care, and this is a story that is in good hands.

    Ruth Negga earned a lot of respect from me from Preacher but this is a…

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  • Deadpool



    There's a right and wrong way to make a Deadpool movie, as this foul-languaged 4th-wall-breaking individual is quite different than many of his counterparts. But I feel like this film is the right way, and they've really nailed the feel of the character while maintaining plenty of humor.

    From the opening credits you quickly learn what kind of film you're in for, and it earns its R-rating immediately. But that's not to say it's extremely violent - this isn't Dredd.…

  • Badlands



    Good news! I have found a Malick film I enjoyed!

    I've been rather outspoken against Malick in the past, not necessarily with his films (or him as a person), just with the near-worshiping of him it seems some of his fans practice in. His recent films have been extremely pretentious to me. But Badlands is a different case.

    Being the first film Malick directed, Badlands exudes his wonderful style without sacrificing anything else. Indeed, unlike his recent works which I…