Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★½

So, I was not able to meet the lovely Sheryl Lee at the showing in Dallas due to her unfortunate current circumstances (wildfires in California). However, I met the great Ray Wise. He was so humble and a gentle man. I enjoyed meeting him and his live rendition of Mares Eat Oates was amazing.

As far as the movie, it’s terrific.
Although, I don’t whether to hate or love the scene with Laura and James where she’s says: 

“I’m gone. Like a turkey in the corn.

and then:

Gobble, gobble.

But, my favorite scene: The Pink Room.
I’m not one for the debauchery, but the lighting, cinematography and blasting music is such a unique atmosphere that only few like Lynch could pull off.

Great cinematic experience.

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