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  • Wild Wild Country

    Wild Wild Country


    I suppose it was midway through this six-hour-plus documentary that, while being ostensibly about clashing cultures, race, and corrosive power, I realized this documentary was really about perception. At one point there's a news report about a "secret underground bunker with a hot tub and many secret doors in and out". This bunker is under one house on the Rajneeshees' 68,000 acre ranch. The news report found it suspicious and negative. What was going on down there? To my surprise,…

  • The Sound of Music

    The Sound of Music


    For Mother’s Day at the Egyptian. I nominate Fraulein Maria for a slot in Filmspotting Avengers. She believes she can solve the world’s problems by teaching musical notes. She can soothe (ultimately defeat) any opponent with compassion. Her weapon is a guitar (though unlike Thor’s hammer you can pick it up), and she can get feisty, especially when someone calls for her with a whistle. She will learn your name and pray for you each night. BOOM!

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  • The Iron Giant

    The Iron Giant


    Watched it with my 6-year old. Movie ends. Total silence. He whispers, "That was awesome."

  • The Hidden Fortress

    The Hidden Fortress


    This unexpectedly became "family movie night" when my older boy -- he's 8 -- walked into my office and said, "So Star Wars is really about the two droids?" and I said, sort of. I explained that George Lucas had seen Hidden Fortress and liked telling a larger story through the supporting characters. So I showed him the first ten minutes of the movie, reading the subtitles aloud so he could keep up. He loved it. I was worried about…