Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

A film that feels at times both the most Quentin Tarantino out of all of his films and the least Quentin Tarantino out of all of his films. This is Tarantino saying "I wish those assholes didn't kill those people and fuck up everything", though he seems less concerned with Sharon Tate and co. living than he does with preserving Hollywood the way it was so he could live in it (as he very clearly wishes he could). Its a love letter to the "golden age" of Hollywood with some narrative thrown in to make it a movie and not just a slideshow of how they can make it look like it were the late 60s design wise.

I can say I am a little disappointed in this one, but only slightly. I could tell from the trailers I probably wouldn't be into this one as much as I am his other films. I'd say that most of his longer films deserved the long runtime, but this one feels like it could definitely be cut down. Obviously the DiCaprio and Pitt murder the roles here in the best way, but Margot Robbie is kinda just there. Not bad, just...there. She's a lot of fun to watch but her character doesn't really have too much to do, or anything that mattered really, besides actually existing at this time and place.

Gonna have to give this one another go around. Lucky enough to see it the first time in glorious 35mm.

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