Sunset Boulevard ★★★★

This and Grey Gardens would make an interesting, albeit depressing double feature.

As always, thankful for TCM putting these up on the big screen, because a.) it makes me actually get around to watching classics and b.) it just feels right watching movies on a big screen. Not everyone really cares about the theatre experience, but it really is invaluable.

As for the movie itself: what's there left to say? Its fantastic, it opened up a side of Hollywood and fame to the public that they'd never seen before, as well as offering one of the finest character studies in film. One thing to note about this being my first watch of this film in the year 2018: it definitely feels...not dated per se, but when you're so good that you inspire a bunch of copy cats and cliches, its hard not to see the cliches. But, I mean, its not really the films fault. If anything it stands as a testament to the films quality. Its just hard not to notice after seeing so much it inspired.