Undine ★★★½

Beer and Rogowski carry this somewhat slight work by the wonderful German director Christian Petzold. Their onscreen connection as lovers Undine and Christoph, playing off one another so well, so convincing in their love and devotion, has led to two successful films so far, though Undine does not quite match the fire of Transit.
The film could've used a bit more of the mythmaking of the Undine legend. The supernatural possibilities of that story could've fleshed out the one we see with more symbolism/imagery to create a greater overall impression on the audience.
I'm not sure how much Petzold was trying to make correlations between the changes in Berlin over time and those in human life, how we alter the architecture of our lives with the people we love most like a city's core is replaced by attempts to improve on or leave behind less desirable memories. He falls short at times.
Also great here is Maryam Zaree as another love interest, but one grounded purely in reality, and whose love for Christoph is without question. I did quite like the final scene, down to the final image and what I took from it. I may need to see this again soon. 3.3 stars