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  • Graduation Day

    Graduation Day


    There is so much I enjoy about slasher films, but it is a genre I rarely dip into due to often intolerable quantities of misogyny, transmisogyny, homophobia, and ugly racist tropes. Every now and then a slasher is tame enough on these fronts I find it bearable to view, and 1981’s Graduation Day is one such entry.

    The film opens on a track meet at Midvale High school, imbued with about a thousand percent more slow-motion intensity than any actual…

  • Robinson Crusoe on Mars

    Robinson Crusoe on Mars


    Known in retrospect as one of the earliest sci-fi space epics to feature attempts at realistic science as well as a plotline based more in human nature than improbable alien encounters, Robinson Crusoe on Mars is a delightful adventure that stands scrutiny today. A glancing familiarity with the 199-year old Daniel Defoe source novel (as most people have) will unfortunately spoil events that otherwise would be a delightful surprise; however the proceedings are nicely modified for the sci-fi medium and…

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  • It! The Terror from Beyond Space

    It! The Terror from Beyond Space


    I am going to be completely honest here and say I adore old black and white drive-in science fiction and horror. As long as the picture quality is good, I'll probably enjoy the hell out of it.

    Look - I never promised you a fair and balanced, scientifically-curated ethos here at BmovieBFFs!

    It! Terror from Beyond Space is a space adventure with a simple plot, featuring one of the iconic monsters of Paul Blaisdell - although probably not his best…

  • The Fly

    The Fly


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    It's a shame most people know this story, know the punchline as it were - and have probably even seen images of some of the film's pivotal moments. But tonight I had the pleasure of sharing this gem with my children who really didn't know the story. They were riveted - and so was I.

    Beautiful colors, stylish presentation. A simple story with Twilight Zone overtones. The scientist who meets his demise is a nice enough guy - but scientific…