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  • Dune



    This Goddamn movie . If you love it u really love it and vice versa. I'm with the former camp on this one. I have a feeling it was a fraught production though, what with Lynch going the distance and removing his name from the film. I think he has to admire it just a little least that would be cool. But even if he doesn't I know people who do. This is a camp classic that will never…

  • The Beast Within

    The Beast Within


    How long does it take to get to the Gooey Goodness at the center of this movie? Basically the full run-time. But it's worth the wait! If you love the days of "practical effects"-this is one of the jaw dropping pinnacles of the craft .

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  • Full Circle

    Full Circle


    This is THE lost 70's film from Canada. With a post -Rosemary era Mia Farrow-(still has that Sassoon cut), as a depressed mother of a child who just died. But is she dead? Or ...? This needs an immediate release on DVD! What gives people?! A really sad and scary film is left in limbo. Beautiful, evocative cinematography too! A little love here...

  • Birth



    Everything about this film works for me. The acting by the ensemble cast is stellar. And Nicole Kidman has never been more invested in a role . Hard to describe. A film of quiet emotions and bizarre plot twists. The kid in it Cameron Bright is a real discovery. And while the plot might be a little far-fetched, if you go with it and put yourself in her shoes it is a tragic, yet rewarding experience that will make you…