Before We Go

Before We Go ★★★★★

You know those nights where it's cold and rainy and grey and it should be miserable but the moon and stars are just so bright and traffic lights reflect off the wet pavement in that weirdly beautiful way and you can't help but feel whole and content in that moment... that's what this movie is to me.
It's cliche-ridden, cheesy, and somewhat senseless, but still a captivatingly beautiful piece that I can get lost in time and time again. This movie is, to me, a showcase of kindness, empathy, hope and hopelessness, and that odd sort of understanding love shared amongst strangers- some of the best parts of humanity. Each time re-watching it leaves me with a deep aching sadness but in the best way possible. It leaves me with that sense of longing for something yet unknown and in a sort of daydreamy haze that cures all my problems for at least the hour and half it's playing. For those reasons, despite its many flaws, Before We Go has a special place in my heart that no amount of mediocre reviews or critiques could even begin to touch.

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